Which version of the WeatherDuino is for me the best?

You can see the Comparison Chart with technical details. But for beginners may not be to the easiest to choose the right version for their needs. So here is some another addition:

The WeatherDuino Pro2

The RX unit uses Arduino Nano. We can use, but it is only optional, only display LCD 20×4, not TFT color. This RX unit can't communicate with Internet, it needs any meteo server for this job, for example Cumulus. That meteo server is connected by USB and it supports exact time for the RX unit (NTP). The RX unit can't be able to receive data from WeatherDuino AQM (= Air Quality Monitor).

The WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS

This RX unit has all ability of version Pro2. The heart of the unit is more powerful modul Meduino Mega2560 Pro Mini (it is the smaller version of Arduino Mega2560). In the role of display we can use TFT touch 2.8“ color display 320x240px. The RX unit has its own WiFi chip for connection to Internet. It means for data upload to the Internet it doesn't need any meteo software/server, but its using is still possible. The RX unit is enough powerfull for receiving data from AQM.

The WeatherDuino Pro2 Compact

has many capabilities of previous versions. It doesn't have logger chip for data logging and it isn't able to data trasmitt to WeatherDuino Wireless Display. This RX unit is determined for instant using without soldering. It is characterized by very compact dimensions. Power is possible with a 5V mobile phone charger with a USB micro connector.

For more details on individual RX units, read the WiKis on different models.

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