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 +===== LOLIN (WeMos) D1 R2 & mini. How to upload files to the SPIFFS memory? =====
 +To upload the fonts and icons to SPIFFS use the "​ESP8266 Sketch Data Upload"​ menu option in the Arduino IDE.\\
 +If you don't see this option, to add it follow instructions here: https://​github.com/​esp8266/​arduino-esp8266fs-plugin\\ ​
 +or (the easy way) just copy to your Sketchbook location (on Windows, usually C:​\Users\xxxxxx\Documents\Arduino)\\
 +the "​tools"​ directory, included WeatherDuino software package (look in utilities folder).\\
 +Close the IDE and open again to see the new menu option.\\
 ===== OTA programming ===== ===== OTA programming =====
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