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Pro2 Transmitter


The WeatherDuino Transmitter units are a very important part of all system. They not only transmit[(How data is transmitted?)] all the data to the WeatherDuino receiver, but are also an interface where you will connect all weather instruments[(List of Compatible Weather Instruments)] that you intend to use.
Only one Transmitter unit is enough to build a fully featured WeatherDuino weather station, however you use up to four Transmitter units per system. The main reason why someone may want to use more than one Transmitter unit, is to get a better positioning of the weather instruments, per example, use one TX for the weather instruments that usually are placed above the roof, like the anemometer and wind vane, and use another TX for the weather instruments that should be placed near the ground level, like temperature / humidity sensors, rain gauge, or even soil moisture sensors.


Notes and hints on assembling

A detailed parts list can be downloaded from here: WeatherDuino Pro2 TX v3.12 - Parts List.

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Where I can get the WeatherDuino Pro2 Transmitter?

All info about prices, availability and how to order can be found here: WeatherDuino Pro2 Transmitter, prices and availability.

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