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 CO2 Sensor: MH-Z19 (optional) \\ CO2 Sensor: MH-Z19 (optional) \\
 RF Frequency: 433Mhz or 315Mhz <​sup>​4)</​sup>​\\ RF Frequency: 433Mhz or 315Mhz <​sup>​4)</​sup>​\\
 +===== Custom Box for the WeatherDuino Air Quality Monitor II =====
 +{{:​wiki:​aqmii_box.jpg?​400x273|WeatherDuino Air Quality Monitor II}}{{:​wiki:​aqmii_indoor.jpg?​400x267|WeatherDuino Air Quality Monitor II}}{{:​wiki:​aqmii_outdoor.jpg?​nolink&​400x267|WeatherDuino Air Quality Monitor II}}
 +Once again, Jarek (from Poland) has designed a fantastic custom case for the WeatherDuino Air Quality Monitor II.\\
 +Anyone with access to a 3D printer can print it, or alternatively order it through any of the several 3D print services available online\\
 +There are two versions of this box. One is for the units fitted with the OLED display (called indoor version) and the other is for units without the OLED display (called outdoor version).\\
 +The files required for 3D printing are freely available here:\\
 +Indoor Version: [[https://​www.thingiverse.com/​thing:​3608306|https://​www.thingiverse.com/​thing:​3608306]]\\
 +Outdoor Version: [[https://​www.thingiverse.com/​thing:​3608146|https://​www.thingiverse.com/​thing:​3608146]]
 +If you don't have a 3D printer, you can order your case directly from online 3D printing services like [[https://​www.3dhubs.com|3Dhubs]].
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