Welcome to the WeatherDuino WiKi.

Through this community Wiki we aim to share our knowledge about the WeatherDuino weather stations.

The WeatherDuino WiKi always be an work in progress. If right now, you don't find the specific info that you are looking for, please come back later. We are adding and improving content very frequently (almost daily).

What is the WeatherDuino?

Basically we can define the WeatherDuino as a project, which allows everyone with a minimal knowledge of electronics and Arduino environment to build a fully featured Weather Station.
All WeatherDuino systems emulate the communication protocol of a Davis VP2 weather station, so they are fully compatible with Cumulus 1, CumulusMX or any other software which can work with a Davis Vantage Pro weather station.

WeatherDuino is:

- Easy to build hardware
- Easy to use software (open source)
- Flexible and expandable

The WeatherDuino system was always been developed to be flexible and easy to use.
It supports a wide range of weather instruments (see list here), from low cost to high end weather instruments, you are free to decide what instruments and brands most fit your requirements or budget.
WeatherDuino supports not only the most common weather instruments, but also other types of sensors, like dust sensors for Air Quality monitoring.
Bellow you can find detailed info about each of the existing WeatherDuino systems.
If you don't find on Wiki an answer to your question, please raise it on the WeatherDuino support forum.

WeatherDuino Pro2 PLUS

Published information and articles about WeatherDuino:

WeatherDuino systems:

WeatherDuino Addons:

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